What's this all about?

SoCo is a micro-borough loosely defined as the area East of Bishop Arts/Oak Cliff near South Corinth Street Road, south of the Trinity River flanked on all sides by massive development projects and opportunities. This area is booming with revitalization efforts by architects, business, and local government branches, so now is the best time to get into the area and watch your investment skyrocket over the years. Located near the new Zoo Deck Park, Cedar Crest Redevelopment Park, DAL-HOU bullet-train station, Trinity River Corridor Revitalization Project and mere minutes from Downtown Dallas, SoCo is poised to be the next in-the-know hotbed of Dallas real estate.   

Meet the team below!

Doug Cao SoCo Monolith Dallas TX

Doug Cao


Doug is a long time Dallas resident and grew up working for his family's general contracting business, which is where his passion for quality work and real estate began. He has been in real estate since 2013, overseeing AMX Realty, a Plano-based brokerage consisting of 30+ real estate agents. Doug's experience in commercial, residential, luxury, and investment real estate in addition to over 500+ hours in The Sims growing up gave him the confidence necessary to get these projects off the ground.

Rachael Sewell interior designer Dallas TX

Rachael Sewell

Interior Designer, REALTOR

Rachael joined the team in 2020, bringing her love of modern, timeless design and five years of experience in interior design consulting. Her main priority when providing either real estate or interior design services is for her clients to "love where they live". By consulting on design decisions intentionally and with everyday life in mind, this priority translates into the work she brings to SoCo. She also is available to assist clients in the North Dallas area as a licensed Realtor available 24/7.

Bob Kaulbach

General Contractor, Maestro (Guardian MOT)

Bob is the glue that holds these homes together. With a background in municipal construction management, carpentry, actuarial/accounting, and over 20+ years in high end luxury home remodeling, Bob brings years of knowledge, connections, and experience required to make our concepts a buildable and affordable reality. Stock photo is not Bob. Bob is very elusive to get a photo of.

Our design philosophy.  

  • Eco-conscious focus from inception to design and construction. Utilize green building materials and make core design choices that minimizes construction waste and increases living efficiency. 
  • Build no more than what you need. No wasted space -- every walkway, hallway, breezeway, land area, room, chamber will serve multiple purposes. Why pay property taxes on property you never use?  
  • Embrace the outdoors. Large patios, scenic views, and well planned entertaining spaces are what makes a house feel like home. 
  • Make modern affordable. Keep end prices of our flagship single family homes below $700,000. 
  • Leave cookie cutter behind. Each floorplan we build will be uniquely designed or modified to fit the lot it's built on like a glove. If you want to live in a block of generic cubicles, then SoCo is not for you! 
  • Create a massive investment upside for the home buyer. 


We'd love for you to be a part of the SoCo Movement.

Dallas Zoo/I-35 Deck Park

Southern Gateway Deck Park

The Southern Gateway Park is a transformative project directly addressing the chronic problem of the city’s north-south divide. Construction on the deck, which will support the park, has begun over I-35E between Ewing Avenue and Marsalis Avenue in Southern Dallas adjacent to the Dallas Zoo. The deck will provide a shovel-ready foundation on which the new green space will be constructed by 2022.  


Cedar Crest Redevelopment Area 


Texas Central DFW-HOU Bullet Train Hub

DFW-HOU Bullet Train

Texas Central has identified a preferred site for the Dallas high-speed train station: Located n the Cedars (South Side on Lamar) area, the currently undeveloped land includes the 10 to 20 acres needed for the terminal station and parking. Texas Central is partnering with Matthews Southwest to serve as the developer of the Dallas high-speed train station.

see the train path...

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